Domaine Tour Campanets
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A protected estate
in fairy surroundings

Nestled among 148 acresof woods, the vineyard of Domaine Tour Campanets stretches out on 74 acres around the country house and the winehouse, goes down the hills and among the small valleys running amid the early dream of a bewitching forest...

Our Wines

    Grande Cuvée Rouge

    Grande Cuvée Rouge


    Grape varieties

    Syrah 60% - Cabernet Sauvignon 40%

    Grande Cuvée Blanc

    Grande Cuvée Blanc

    AOP Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence

    Grape varieties

    Vermentino 70% - Ugni blanc 30%

    Bois des Fées 'rosé'

    Bois des Fées 'rosé'

    AOP Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence
    Rosé 'Organic wine'

    Grape varieties

    Syrah 60 % - Cabernet Sauvignon 30 % et Grenache 10 %.

    Wine tasting

    The nose is meaning, a beautiful very fine, white bouquet of flowers.
    The mouth is round, powerful and balanced on intense aromas of red berries.

    Drink with

    Seafood and shellfish
    Fish and white meats
    Sushi, « Brousse de Rove »
    Unsugared strawberries

    Mon Coeur Violettes  'rouge'

    Mon Coeur Violettes 'rouge'

    AOP Coteaux-d'Aix-Provence
    Red wine 'Organic wine'

    Grape varieties

    60 % Syrah et 40 % Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Wine tasting

    The nose suggests succulunt red and black fruits, with notes of sweet spices. Round and delicate, the mouth is well balanced, with beautiful smooth tannins and an invigorating final. In summary, it’s simultaneously strong, tender and juicy.

    Drink with

    Magret de canard, beef sirloin with mushrooms, and chocolate desserts.

    Bois des Fées 'white wine'

    Bois des Fées 'white wine'

    AOP Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence
    White wine 'Organic wine'

    Grape varieties

    50 % Vermentino et 50 % Ugni Blanc.

    Wine tasting

    The nose is delicate, opening with exotic flavors like passion fruit and pineapple, while being luciously floral. The mouth is very fresh, with aromas of peach and pear. This nectar is ample and generous, with a touch of minerality offering a delightful freshness.

    Drink with

    Rockfish and other seafood, cheddar cheese, pineapple carpaccio.

    Tour Campanets 'rosé'

    Tour Campanets 'rosé'

    AOP Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence
    Rosé 'Organic wine'

    Grape varieties

    Syrah 40% - Grenache 40% - Cinsault 20%

    Wine tasting

    A pleasant wine in which aromas give a particularly fruity bouquet. To the palate, the balance of fragrances produce a voluptuous and fresh taste, in which the intensity of wild strawberries prevails. A fresh and fragrant combination.

    Drink with

    Grilled meats – red meats
    Mediterranean cooking
    Sweet and salty courses
    Cheese – Desserts

    Nature Campanets Blanc de Noir

    Nature Campanets Blanc de Noir

    Vin de France
    Blanc de noir

    Grape varieties

    Carignan noir 90% - Grenache 10%

    Bib 3 Litres 'rosé'

    Bib 3 Litres 'rosé'

    Our Estate

    Yesterday : a time, a history, a place

    Deities inhabited the Domaine eversince Antiquity, Romans planted their vines and celebrated their gods here, Gallics built villas and worshipping places, troubadours sang its charms… Many are the remnants that attest to its history : a Gallo-Roman villa is located west of the estate, a chapel dating from the same era stands to its east ; two Roman sarcophagi of the IVth century and a Gothic stela of the XIIth century were discovered on the estate among many pieces of broken crockery and ceramics...


    The mistery remains, the bewitching carries on... You just have to walk towards interlacing hoalm oaks and bubbling waterfalls, to stroll in the fragrant undergrowth along paths that open onto vines, as far the eye can see.

    First called « Le Clos du Blanc », the estate became « Domaine Tour Campanets » in 1966 when the winehouse was built according to the golden section. The tower, symbolic of the estate, was built by the former owner mister Marcel Lafforgue on a framework both daring and graceful.

    Domaine Tour Campanets Emmanuelle Baude dans les vignes


    The Domaine Tour Campanets offers an amenity unusual for Provence : the magic of the place occurs between light and shade, woods and vines, coolness and heat ; it occurs through the idyllic picture of a sea of vines overlooking the Luberon hills and of fairy paths meandering amid oak woods where sources and waterfalls and ancient stones dwell.

    In the year 2012 a new adventure began when the vineyard was taken over by the Baude family and when Emmanuelle Baude began to administer it : she had a passion for wine and vines and quit her job as a solicitor to make her dreams come true. Enticed towards the Domaine Tour Campanets and convinced it had a great potential, she then put all her efforts in restoring the vineyard and took up the challenge to revive the making of wine. The Domaine is not very well known today but what about tomorrow ?...


    Emmanuelle Baude’s ambition is to get the best she can out of the soil by converting to organic culture, difficult as it may be : « Chemical industry has bettered the farmers’ life and made their work easier and increased the economic profitability and steered them clear of diseases which before used to decimate whole plots of land.
    As for me, organic farming is a necessity ; I was born in 1970 and I firmly believe that nowadays technical progress allows us to treat the vines more and more organically every day. I feel like a transmitter in my profession : men have worked this soil before I have and other men will work it after me. Thus, holding the elements in respect feels like an evidence.
    As soon as I bought the estate in June 2012, I lodged a request with ECOCERT for a certificate in organic farming, which I got in August 2012. I want technology to be more effective in order to serve nature, and not the other way around. Today, progress means respecting the earth.

    Our Commitments

    Organic culture

    We work in mainly two ways : observing and anticipating. They are at the base of our cultivating the vineyard. The main active inputs we use are cuprous xxx and sulfites.

    Our projects

    • The Land : the Domaine Tour Campanets is being revived through an uprooting and planting programme of several years.
    • The Grapes : we are currently looking for new types of vines, better adapted to the geology and to the soil of our vineyard. We are improving the leaf arrangement to better the leaf surface and lead the vines to a more beautiful maturity of its grapes.
    • The Harvests : the Domaine Tour Campanets firmly believes in the new techniques of harvesting machines and in their capacity to quickly pick the berries during the coolness of the night to get a better quality ; that’s why most of the grape picking is done by machines. The ancient lots of land are the only ones picked by hand because of the twisted stocks which wouldn’t bear well the shaking of their branches.

    Our main preoccupation is to observe and adapt our course of action to nature, tooled up with the best current techniques, to serve and respect both the vines and the soil.

    Le soleil brille - Galet
    Reflet des gouttes d'eau sur les feuilles de vigne Feuille de vigne

    The Vineyard

    The vineyard

    The estate is located in Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade, locality « Clôs du Blanc », facing north and 2690 feet above sea level.
    Our vines grow on a variety of land, plains, valleys and hills, so they can fully express the potential of this unique soil.

    The soil

    The estate mainly consists of clayey rocks, salmon, red or brown colored. Above these rocks, the soil is richin limestone, clay and fine silts. The ground is made of rocks and naturally fertile alluvii.

    Le vignoble

    Le raisin

    The vine types

    Our vineyard offers a large range of typically provençal vine types : Syrah, Grenache, Carignan, Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon, white Ugni and Vermentino.

    An ancient and very fine lot of Syrah overhangs the estate to the north-west : 0,65 acresplanted way back in 1947. This lot is historical in the vineyard as well as in Provence, since very few lots were planted with this type of vines before 1950.
    Brilliant idea of a brilliant mind ? Experiment of a passionate ? The question will remain unanswered.

    Two lots of Grenache and Syrah, planted on hillside more than 985 feet above sea level, give us a great vue on the Luberon hills, the medieval castle of Le Puy Sainte Réparade and the Sainte Victoire mountain.

    The winehouse

    The winemaking house symbolic of the Domaine Tour Campanets is a quite unique round tower built between 1963 and 1966. The whole structure of this building was designed according to the golden section. It shelters concrete vats. The whole is to the parts what the parts are to the whole.
    This innovative tower provides us with the means to make the wine by using gravity and in a spirit of quality : down and down we softly go in a circular way.

    The winemaking

    We work our grapes in a traditional way, using the subtle dregs and a long-term cold fermentation and managing the oxygen supply, with very small additions of sulphites and chemical inputs to the soil : the grapes always come first !
    Know-how helps us respect our vines to create an exceptional wine.

    Le chai - Cave de vinification

    Excerpts from our news



    • Opening hours from 10am to 7pm: Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday - Monday. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

      Opening hours from 10am to 7pm: Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday - Monday. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday.




    Domaine Tour Campanets

    Route de Rognes 13610 Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade
    + 33 (0)4 42 61 86 91

    Opening hours from 11am to 6pm: Tuesday - Wednesday -Thursday - Friday - Saturday
    Closed  Sunday and Monday.

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    Pour nous rejoindre :

    Le Domaine se trouve à 15 km d'AIX-EN-PROVENCE de Lourmarin ou de La Roque d’Antheron et à 9 km de Pertuis.

    • Du village du PUY STE REPARADE :
      Traverser le village du Puy par le centre. Suivre les indications "salon-Rognes". Après le pont qui passe le Canal, prendre à droite la D15, direction "salon-Rognes" à droite. Là, vous êtes à 2,5 km de l'entrée du domaine qui sera sur votre gauche.
    • Du village de ROGNES :
      Prendre la direction "Aix-en-Provence". Au rond point de la Coopérative vinicole, prendre la seconde sortie D15, direction "Pertuis – Le Puy Ste Reparade". Là, vous êtes à 4 km de l'entrée du Domaine qui sera sur votre droite.
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